More About Me

My Experience

I bought my first home when I was just out of college and know the satisfaction of home ownership firsthand. In addition, I have owned and managed rental property for over 20 years. I have extensive knowledge of the Portland Greater Metro real estate market and can help you locate those hidden pockets in Portland neighborhoods! My background includes 20+ years as a buyer for Meier and Frank, Portland's own department store, now a division of Macy's. There I fine tuned my ability to identify market opportunities early, pounce on the best buys and follow through to the ultimate satisfaction of my customers. Exactly what I will do for you! I have a reputation as an able negotiator, am extremely detail oriented, and have the right sense of urgency to be sure your transaction runs smoothly, stays on track and stays on time.

Why Hire Me?

I will treat your real estate transaction as though I were buying or selling the home myself. This means I will listen to your real estate needs and wants and help you target opportunities in the market. I will provide the resources and research you need to be confident you are making the right decisions in your real estate transaction. I will be available and communicate every step of the way during the process of buying or selling your home. I make the effort to be available on the phone when you need me as often as I possibly can. I network with my colleagues, and stay up-to-date and in the loop. I will protect your interests. All my clients, past and present, are available as references.

Commitment to Community

One of the wonderful things about a flexible schedule is that it is possible to participate in volunteer organizations as they make a meaningful contribution to the quality of life in our neighborhoods. I have been on the board of the Friends of the Multnomah County Library and the Beaumont Business Association. I have been the Chair of the Ethics Committee at Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors, and written a monthly report for Morgan Stanley. I give a portion of my proceeds from every closed transaction to the Windermere Foundation helping homeless families and youth. I am a third generation Oregonian, whose grandparents on both my mother's and father's sides came out on the wagon train. My dad’s mom was married here in 1900, and lived on the very outskirts of town – 4th and Hoyt! A love of my hometown is deeply ingrained. I have owned my own Portalnd home for the last 30 years, most recently a home at 36th and Klickitat where my cat, Lucy, and my dog, Sofie, and I are nicely settled. Having recently gone through the buying process myself I know first hand what you will be experiencing and am committed to helping you through your transaction with the least amount of hassle.

Real Estate is a Wonderful Investment

I purchased my first multifamily rental property in Hawthorne in 1985 and am committed to expanding and maintaining my own properties. When I evaluate the increase in value of the investments I have made I think my property is working as hard as I am! I very much enjoy my role as a landlord, have completed the City of Portland's Landlord Training Program and can recommend from personal experience the satisfaction of providing a rental home. Real estate investment can also be a key component in your financial security holdings. If you would like to consider investment property, I can help you evaluate options in the market to see if the opportunity matches your goals.